About the Photographer

I love photography; I would flip through pictures all day if I could.

I love the fact that you could capture so much emotion with photography; even if that emotion lasts a second. A flirty smile, an embarrassed quirk… it all symbolises something that you are feeling on the inside; a part of who you are.

My passion drives me every day; taking me to my next shot. My aim on showing you my photography is to make you smile, cry or laugh (or maybe all three); I want you to feel my photography…not just pass it by.

I am a self-taught photographer born & raised on the island of Barbados. I bought a camera, computer and editing software and with passion, determination and a whole lot of fantastic clients, I am happy to still love every minute of this industry 7 years later. I am proud to be featured in both local as well as international publications including Conde Nast, BridesUK feature “Top 20 Destination Wedding Photographer’s Worldwide”
I am also the partner photographer for Sandals & love to travel the world photographing beautiful love stories.

Thanks for taking a look at my website and considering Gina Francesca Photography & Design. I look forward to capturing your story.

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