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The moment it actually happens. Unposed, undirected, unknown. Real, genuine, raw emotion. Be it a simple stroll down the beach or an elaborate candle-aisle leading to a picnic with a mind-blowing view of our crystal-blue ocean, these proposal sessions are insanely cool + provide you with images to treasure for a lifetime. This is where I go in full paparazzi-mode. I hide out behind a bush or tree (one time I pretended to be a coconut vendor and sat around 50 opened coconut husks on the floor – this was a little embarrassing. Anyway, back to the real story.) and I wait for you to pop the question and witness the reaction – I capture it all and am then able to provide you with images to tell a story to your friends + family; your children and grandchildren in years to come.
Bonus: Planning this session behind your partner’s back scores you some mad brownie-points!


I encourage most of my bride + groom’s to do this session! Not only is it a great chance for us to get to know one another and for me to see what makes the two of you click (while I click, ha. See what I did there?) it’s also a great way for you to start getting comfortable in front of my lens. Most commonly, it is the guys who are dreading the portrait sessions but I can assure you that these sessions are fun, relaxed and absolutely no-pressure. I ask for you guys to be yourselves! To laugh, talk, kiss and just be you!
We can chat about themes, locations, wardrobe and come up with something most fitting that speaks true to you guys as a couple!
Bonus: You can use these images as Announcements/Save the Date’s and even as Framed Décor for your signing table on your wedding day! Two-birds-one-stone – voila!


Ah yes…what stands as my most common area of photography and what truly makes my heart soar.
I capture your day as it happens around me. My style is photojournalistic; I tell a story with my images with an aim on making you relive that feeling you had on your wedding day, every time you look through your wedding album! I have an entire tab on my website answering Destination Wedding questions so be sure to check it out! I’ll also ask that you spend a good amount of time looking through my portfolio. Choosing the right photographer for your big day is so incredibly important! Scroll + linger! If you feel a connection; if you can see yourself in my photographs and you love how I capture the story and would like me to capture yours, then let’s chat. I am so looking forward to meeting you!

Trash the Dress

On your wedding day there are a few restrictions that may hinder the bride + groom portrait time. You have guests waiting for you at the cocktail reception that you too would love to enjoy, you’ve been awake since early morning and you are now just eager to get through the formalities and are not as relaxed as you’d like to be, and most importantly: lighting. Our sun goes down extremely fast here in Barbados and when the ceremony is in the late afternoon and there are a ton of family portraits to capture following the ceremony, this may leave only a mere 20 minutes to get those husband and wife photographs. I encourage this Trash the Dress session to all of my bride + grooms! Don’t let the name of this session throw you off: in no form or fashion is your wedding attire damaged in any way. This is simply an opportunity to throw back on your wedding dress/suit and get some jaw dropping images in a more laid back setting and atmosphere. It is just the two of you and there are no speeches or dinner to rush off to. I can notice such a drastic difference in posture and facial expressions during this session as compared to the day of the weddings. It really is incredible how it can possible show through in your images and what an affect a tight timeline can do. This isn’t to say you won’t have fab photographs of you and your partner on your actual wedding day, but this Trash the Dress session just give you more time. To be genuine, and have fun, and relax and be truly you!


A woman’s most beautiful stage of life! I swear! Her hair is healthy, her nails are strong, her skin is literally glowing! I mean, if there’s any a session where I don’t have to do a lot of Photoshop magic, it is maternity sessions! This is such an incredible moment in your life! It may seem like you are pregnant for eternity but as any mother can tell you, when you look back it all just happened in a flash! I like to capture the love a mother has for her unborn baby; the look of unknown adventure and pure excitement to meet this little person that will forever be held in their heart. Throw in with that, a father’s support and perhaps some eager-beaver-soon-to-be-older-siblings and I am in photographer’s heaven!
I also offer a great ‘Bundle of Joy’ package which offers both a Maternity + Newborn session.
PS: these sessions also make for awesome bridal shower gifts!


Alright, alright. You may be thinking ‘ why on earth would anyone want to capture such a personal and private experience of life?’, and I hear ya! But as a woman who went through this whole birthing-thing 3 times, I can tell you a few reasons why: you forget. You forget the way your partner looked at you with the most loving eyes he’s ever flashed you before; you forget the way your mother kept squeezing your hand and how she would rub your face and tell you everything is going to be OK 500 times; how your father wanted to be there but felt awkward so he kept going and coming, and peeking through the square-door-windows and winking at you with a big grin on his face; you forget your sister being there as not only support for you, but also for your partner and parents by getting them coffee, and bringing them pillows and blankets and magazine…and hugs; how your sister looked at you and really wanted to say ‘ahhhh, this is going to hurt like shit huh?’ but instead said ‘you’re doing so great!’. The tears of emotion; the tears of pain; the tears of exhaustion. And then, that very second that all the pain goes away. Nowhere hurts and you’re no longer tired and all these endorphins are now flying through your body and you are now. Officially. A mother! Your heart explodes with love and ‘omg, I made that!’ moments and you have this incredibly surreal feeling of ‘is this really happening? Can someone be as ridiculously happy as I am right now?’. And your husband kisses you and he kisses your baby and you watch him meet his little person for the first time. The look of immense pride! Your baby’s first bath (from the midwives), being weighed-in (with proud crying grandparents lingering in the background), being wrapped up in what now is his/her official ‘first blanket everrrrr’. And being brought back to you all sweet and clean and perfect. And you spend hours just staring at their little faces and laugh at yourself for wondering what he/she was going to look like because now as you are seeing them for the first time you have the epiphany “of course you look like this! I knew it. It’s you!”. And the surrealism just lingers in the room. The pure joy and love is there. And it’s strong and heavy and gosh-darn beautiful.
Yeah...all of that? I capture. So you’ll have it to treasure, forever.


Newborn sessions must take place within the first 7-10 days of life. This is when baby is constantly sleeping and doesn’t mind being posed and held in all those cosy positions that mimic the one’s he/she made in utero. I have a small home-studio and I provide all blankets, backdrops, headbands, hats + props. These sessions usually take a solid 2-hours so I will ask you to be patient as I work on capturing the tiny details of your little human. You are more than welcome to hop in for some mother-baby/father-baby shots but please let me know in advance so that I can prepare the space to accommodate. Your little one changes by the day! Allow me to capture their first days of life; their tiny and perfect fingernails, the curves of their little ears, the way their toes curl in when you press the pad of their foot and so much more.
Bonus: You can use these photo’s as Birth Announcements, Christening/Baptism Invitations and small keepsakes to place in their ‘book of firsts’.

Baby + Child

Your little one is now sitting up. Or standing. Or giggling. Oh, the reasons to have professional photographs taken of your little one are endless. We can venture out into the open or I can come into your home and capture them in their most comfortable environment. These moments go by in a flash. Let me capture them for you and create an album for you to treasure forever!
Bonus: Cake-Smash sessions are epic! Let’s get together for coffee and plan a theme together to capture their one-year milestone!


How beautiful is it to relive moments? Natural candid moments that are so incredibly fleeting when they happen but when you look at it in a photo, you can stare and smile for ages! That’s what I’m all about – photographing the real you; the laughter of your toddler, the fun of your baby being thrown up into the air, the wicked of your daughter eating sand and smiling, the melt-downs of your little one who just wants to run (let them!), the embarrassed look on your teenaged son when you give him a big hug and a kiss. I want all of that – I want to capture all of that for you – natural, raw emotion. Wear what you like (just no big logo branding please) and just be YOU! We will come up with a location that best suits you + your family and have an amazing time together. If our session happens to be on the beach, be sure to bring a towel and some change of clothes for the kid’s as they almost always end up with a ‘little bit’ or salt water on them. *wink*

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