Liam + Jurgen’s Barbados Wedding

I met Liam + Jurgen outside a coffee shop on a casual Tuesday morning.

They told me how they met and all their plans and dreams for their big day.

It was still about a year away but oh man was I excited to capture their story.

Yes yes, because it was my first same-sex wedding but also (and more importantly) their LOVE was beautiful.

How they looked at each other as the other spoke.

They were gentle.

And kind.

And most certainly in love. (3 pre-requisites for having me photograph your wedding) 😝

Fast forward to the main events:

The welcome party at La Cabanne (West).

This was my first introduction to their two families coming together. When I snuck the two of them away for a few couples-shots at sunset, they were literally in awe at watching this day unfold. Their friends and families literally traveling from all over the world to celebrate their love. It was humbling to say in the least.

The wedding day.

Now, I’ve shot and witnessed way too many weddings to feel any sort of warm butterfly feelings at weddings anymore (the one downfall of my job – my heart is ICE! Kidding, kidding)


Growing up in West Indian culture, Liam never could’ve imagined that he would be standing here today being completely and totally himself and openly professing his love for another man. (a small gist of how his vows began)

..and it continued.

And it was so raw and honest and…beautiful.

I felt every single word.


To love! No matter the race, colour or gender.